Longley Park Golf Club.

Rules for playing competitions which should be adhered to in order to comply with the recommendations of the governing bodies of golf.

On the course.

Keep your distance at all times a minimum of 2 metres.

Leave the flagstick in whist putting.

Do not touch the flagstick, do not share equipment.

Bunkers are in play and the ball should be played as it lies so if you have a personal rake please use it, if not please smooth the sand as well as possible using your feet or a club. (There is a link on the club website to enable you to purchase a personal rake which some members have already done).

All the usual rules of golf apply.

Marking the card.

Put the name of the person whose card you are marking in player A

Put your name in player B.

Mark scores as usual (players score in column A andyour score in markers column).

When your round is complete agree your scores verbally, do not exchange cards.

Sign only the card you have marked in the markers score at the bottom of the card.

Entering scores on the computer.

Enter the clubhouse through the locker room door and sanitise your hands using the sanitizer to the left of the door and go to the computer in the foyer.

Each player will be provided with their own stylus to enter scores (this is your personal stylus and should not be used by anyone else). Keep the stylus for future use.

Enter your own score using your stylus on the touchscreen, do not touch the screen with your fingers.

When you have entered your score in the computer put the card in the competition box and exit through the locker room door.

Your score must be in the computer and your card mustbe in the box otherwise you will be disqualified, so please check your playing partner has put your card in the box.

While doing all this please stay 2 metres apart.



Golf Manager.

Here is a list of competitions for June and the dates you can book them. Entry to all these competitions is free.

Saturday 6th June Individual Stableford Already booking.

Wednesday 10th June Individual Stableford Already booking.

Saturday 13th June 3 man Texas scramble Book from 4th June 9.00pm

Wednesday 17th June 9 hole Stableford Book from 4th June 9.00pm

Saturday 20th June Monthly Medal Book from 11th June 9.00pm

Wednesday 24th June Wednesday Medal Book from 11th June 9.00pm.

Saturday 27th June 4 Ball better ball Book from 18th June 9.00pm.

The rules and recommendations for playing, marking the card and the entry of your score onto the computer will be sent later this week.

I will organise a summer league for Sunday mornings starting 21st June, details on the format and how to enter will follow shortly.


Golf Manager.

During COVID as we are unable to share rakes if anybody is interested you can purchase mini rakes online for around £10.

Bunkers are in play so if you have a personal take please use it. If not please smooth the sand as well as possible using your feet or a club. You must play bunker shots as it lies in competition settings.


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